NBTA: The Notebook Teaching Assistant

NBTA is Python code to handle Jupyter notebooks in a classroom environment, including assessment marking. This is code actively produced, so expect new versions to break older ones.

Formative Feedback

The formative feedback module is where all of the code to return user friendly tests in notebooks resides. The goal of the formative feedback module is to help student learn to identify their mistakes based on comprehensive tests. The tests are meant to be verbose in order to point out where the mistake lies.

Sumative Feedback

The summative feedback module is where all the code to mark assessements resides. Sumative is intended to use Python tests to autograde or manually grade notebooks.


The notebook module contains all the code needed to manipulate notebooks. This can be used directly, or is implicetely used when using the summative module

Written in:Python
GitHub repo:https://github.com/cedricmjohn/nbta
Released:December 2022