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A Herlambang, CM John, 2023, Fluid flow evolution revealed by carbonate clumped isotope thermometry along the fractures in a complex salt dome setting: Study case (Jebel Madar, Oman),Marine and Petroleum Geology 152, 106220
A Herlambang, CM John, H Drake, 2023, Physicochemical Conditions of the Devonian-Jurassic Continental Deep Biosphere Tracked by Carbonate Clumped Isotope Temperatures of Granite-Hosted Carbonate Veins, Geofluids
CL Nathwani, JJ Wilkinson, W Brownscombe, CM John,2023, Mineral texture classification using deep convolutional neural networks: An application to zircons from porphyry copper deposits,Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth,128,2
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Georgina Lukoczki, János Haas, Jay M Gregg, Hans G Machel, Sándor Kele, Cédric M John, 2019, Multi-phase dolomitization and recrystallization of Middle Triassic shallow marine–peritidal carbonates from the Mecsek Mts.(SW Hungary), as inferred from petrography, carbon …, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 101, nan, 440-458
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