Predicting marine organic-rich deposits using forward stratigraphic modelling: The Jurassic Najmah source rock–Case study

Predicting the distribution and heterogeneity of marine Mesozoic organic-rich rocks is a challenging task that requires multi-disciplinary data integration supported by innovative numerical modelling. This study aims at investigating the factors controlling marine organic matter production, accumulation, and preservation along the eastern Arabian intrashelf basins. Such types of basins exhibit an enhanced lateral and vertical facies variability caused by the interplay between shallow and deeper water sedimentation. The work focuses on characterizing the Mid-Upper Jurassic Najmah Formation that presents source rock, reservoir, as well as seal characteristics along Kuwait. It comprises high maturity levels (>0.6% Ro) and TOC values ranging between 2 and 30%. Forward stratigraphic modelling that includes organic matter production, transport, and preservation (i.e., degradation and dilution) was utilized. Models …

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