Interplay between depositional facies, diagenesis and early fractures in the Early Cretaceous Habshan Formation, Jebel Madar, Oman

Diagenesis and fracturing can significantly alter petrophysical properties of subsurface carbonate reservoirs, but the impacts of these processes at the inter-well scale are hard to predict. However, the initial distribution of sedimentary facies is easier to predict, and could template future diagenetic transformation and potentially influence fracturing as well. This paper provides a case study investigating the mutual influence of depositional facies on diagenesis and interpreted early fractures in the Berriasian–Valanginian Habshan Formation in Jebel Madar (Oman). The Habshan Formation mostly comprises ooidal limestones but dolomitized beds a few metres in thickness and laterally correlatable over at least 5 km are present. Discordant (vertical) dolomite streaks are present in the limestone but are rare. The various sedimentary and diagenetic processes were investigated using fieldwork, XRD analysis, petrography …

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