Geostatistical modelling of cyclic and rhythmic facies architectures

A Pluri-Gaussian method is developed for facies variables in three dimensions to model vertical cyclicity related to facies ordering and rhythmicity. Cyclicity is generally characterised by shallowing-upward or deepening-upward sequences and rhythmicity by the repetition of facies at constant intervals along sequences. Both of these aspects are commonly observed in shallow-marine carbonate successions, especially in the vertical direction. A grid-free spectral simulation approach is developed, with a separable covariance allowing a dampened hole-effect to capture rhythmicity in the vertical direction and a different covariance in the lateral plane along strata, as in space-time models. In addition, facies ordering is created by using a spatial shift between two latent Gaussian functions in the Pluri-Gaussian approach. Rapid conditioning to data is performed via Gibbs sampling and kriging using the screening …

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