Diagenetic Implications of Stylolitization In Pelagic Carbonates, Canterbury Basin, Offshore New ZealandDIAGENETIC IMPLICATIONS OF STYLOLITIZATION IN PELAGIC CARBONATES

Stylolites are irregular discontinuity surfaces that are thought to result from localized stress-induced dissolution during burial or tectonic compression. The genesis of stylolites and the controls on stylolitization are still debated, and the interplay between stylolitization, generation of carbonate-rich fluids, diagenetic fluid flow within fractures and matrix, cementation, and porosity modifications is complex. All of these processes have important diagenetic effects potentially altering the intrinsic properties of the host rock, with implications for hydrocarbon exploration and water resources in aquifers. We investigate the process of stylolitization by a macroscopic, petrographic, and geochemical study of pressure-solution features in Eocene to early Oligocene limestones in cores from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Hole 317-U1352C (Canterbury Basin). The results indicate correlations among stylolite amplitude …

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