Detailed 3-D depositional architecture of Late Jurassic carbonate–anhydrite cycles (Brightling Mine, Weald Basin, UK)

Quantifying the geometries of evaporite deposits at a <1 km scale is critical in our understanding of similar ancient depositional systems, but is challenging given evaporite mineral dissolution at surface conditions. A high-resolution stratigraphic study of the basal Purbeck Beds in Brightling Mine, UK, provides insight into the three-dimensional architecture, lateral continuity and vertical heterogeneity within an evaporite seal. We conducted a field mapping study, combined with X-ray diffraction, petrographic microscopy, and δ13C and δ18O isotope analysis. The stratigraphic interval contains five facies. In stratigraphic order, these include supratidal porphyritic nodular evaporite, shallow subtidal peloidal packstone with evaporite and two overlying rhythmic sequences of intertidal microbial laminite, subtidal shale, and subtidal laminar marl, capped by nodular anhydrite. The interpreted environment of deposition is a …

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