Diagenetic geobodies: Fracture-controlled burial dolomite in outcrops from northern Oman

Diagenetic heterogeneities are difficult to predict in the subsurface. Nevertheless, such heterogeneities can be crucial in hydrocarbon exploration. Diagenetic processes can significantly alter petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks, especially in carbonate rocks because of the reactive nature of the carbonate minerals. Dolomitization [ie, the transformation of calcite (limestone: Lmst) into dolomite] is a common diagenetic process in carbonate rocks. Resulting dolomite bodies have a different pore network than the original Lmst and respond also differently to tectonic stress causing different fracture networks than in the original Lmst. The paper presents an overview of the learning outcomes gained by studying fracture-related dolomite in outcrops of Oman and subsequent laboratory analysis conducted over the last 4 years. A combined structural, petrographic, and geochemical approach was taken to study three …

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